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Discover the world of royal flavors with the new specialties of the FLAMENDER restaurant

Are you in the mood for something really extraordinary? Would you like to discover the royal flavors of the Danube region? We warmly invite you to taste the specialties of our new menu, which reflects a symbiosis of traditional cooking with modern culinary art. The richness of Danube basin countries cuisines, whose history has been written by the hands of the declared master chefs at the royal courts, as well as the reliable housewives, our loving grandmothers, have joined together. Thanks to FLAMENDER eating royally is no longer just the privilege of kings.

“The new menu combines the traditional with modern, offers gastronomic innovation and follows in the best of what the cuisine of the Danube region has offered immemorially. Our guests will find there the Austrian national specialty Tafelspitz, for which a three-course meal is typical,” said Peter Petráš, Executive Chef of the FLAMENDER restaurant. As he adds: “Traditionally, a strong broth is served to guests, followed by an appetizer with marrow and a third course of sliced ​​meat with side dishes. Since time immemorial, in our Danube region the side dishes have included steam-blanched cole, roasted potatoes with onion, fresh stewed spinach, apple and bread horseradish, as well as chive dressing.” Real Tafelspitz is made from beef tip and was the favorite dish of Emperor Franz Joseph I, thanks to whom it also became famous beyond the borders of Austria.

The richness of the flavor of the new menu of our restaurant is also represented by other dishes, such as duck breasts in a marinade of honey, galanger and ginger with mushrooms, chili, roasted vegetables and jasmine rice or genuine Wiener Schnitzel veal served with traditional potato salad with onion. The new dessert is one of the most traditional Austrian sweet delicacies – Kaiserschmarrn, emblazoned with many legends.


However, not only “novelties” found room on the new menu, but also specialties that have been especially tasty for our guests throughout FLAMENDER’s existence. They include the pumpkin risotto with goat cheese or braised pork cheeks with spelt sheep cheese (“bryndza”) dumplings. “There is also the most popular Flamendra dessert in our offer – hot chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and raspberry espuma,” added Peter Petráš.


“Today, people have the possibility of choosing from a wide range of flavors from the entire world. At FLAMENDER we hold the traditional values ​​of Danube region cuisines. Our new menu is an expression of respect to a uniqueness, which the specialties of other gastronomic areas will never reach. For thousands of years the most famous rulers were discovering the uniqueness of delicacies originating from the Danube river basin, and we want to show all our guests that royal food has not only been the privilege of kings for a long time,” Peter Petráš concluded.


We believe you will accept our invitation and come to us to eat like a king😉

Friends, we wish you many gastronomic experiences à la FLAMENDER!

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Peter Petráš, Executive Chef, FLAMENDER Restaurant

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