A place you can invite your business partners for a working lunch, grab a quick snack with your co-workers or spend a relaxing weekend evening with your friends. Our restaurant brings a unique concept combining traditional Danube region cuisine with a touch of the contemporary and modern. A common feature in our meat and fish specialties, as well as in our light healthy meals, is first-class food of the highest quality coming from breeders and farmers directly in Slovakia’s own regions. Real people stand behind what they produce with their reputations as a personal guarantee.

At Flamender, your taste buds will experience true culinary pleasure…
How did our restaurant get its name? Just as there were “dandies” in 19th century London and “bohemians” living in Paris, life in old-time Pressburg (today’s Bratislava) included flamenders”. Flamenders were and still are jolly pleasure seekers who like having fun and enjoy the very best food. But flamenders are no snobs, but rather quite worldly, full of experience and take a bon vivant approach toward life, seeking good company in excellent restaurants that offer fantastic food and drink. And all this we lovingly offer in just one place with the same name – Flamender.

Discover remarkable specialties from the gourmet worldThe culinary world is full of diverse tastes, secret ingredients and modern methods of preparing food. Don’t hesitate and take a peek with us “under the pot lid” of some of them.

Mini-Gastro Dictionary or did you know that…
  • …confit a special cooking technique for preparing food has its roots according to experts in southwestern France? There are three basic rules hidden behind this mysterious cuisine: slow cooking, low temperature and a sufficient amount of fat, such as lard when preparing confit pork. Confit itself consists of two phases: cooking and keeping the food. Something interesting to know is that in the past, before refrigerators existed, this was the technique used to preserve food.
  • …sous-vide is a culinary method with fresh food sealed in vacuum packs from which all the air has been suctioned out? Then the packs are placed in warm water, where a special device keeps the temperature between 55 and 95°C. Cooking time depends on the food, so heating meat sous-vide can last up to 72 hours. But the reward for waiting longer is a large amount of nutrients and minerals still in the food when it is served.
  • …”supreme” is the name used in gastronomy to indicate how the meat is carved? The name comes from the French term “suprême de volaille” and translates as “chicken supreme”. Some use the term “supreme” to mean “chicken breast separated from the rest of the raw chicken with no skin and bones”. And something else remarkable: specialists claim the best chicken meat comes from corn chicken because it is so crisp, aromatic and most of all juicy!
Our tip!
If you enjoy specialties with diverse flavors, try our sous-vide pork tenderloin in almond crust, served with shallot puree and pumpkin pancakes!