AGROTRADE is a meat company that started at a farm in Gemer, a region with a rich tradition of breeding sheep and cattle and raising them in meadows and pastures. Because the animals are able to roam freely, pastoral farming gives the meat a better structure and higher quality. Lamb comes from young sheep raised in pastures and fed organically grown crops. The animals are registered as having been organically bred. Pork comes strictly from pigs raised in Slovak farms and fed home-grown food, making the meat juicier and tastier.

TOP-FARM Topoľnica

Founded in 2010, the company raises its own poultry and inspects how it is bred by its partners. TOP-FARM Topoľnica uses no growth stimulators and antibiotics in its poultry feed. Ducks, geese, hens and chicks live free-range in open yards. As a result, you enjoy just the right flavour of meat.

Bryndza and Cheese Dairy

The BRYNDZA AND CHEESE DAIRY, founded in Zvolenská Slatina by the Molec family in 1797 is the world’s oldest and largest bryndza-producing dairy in the world. Locally produced bryndza and cheese have high quality and exceptional flavour. Production of this cheese still follows the original recipe. Every year, only this bryndza produced near Zvolen is the official bryndza used at the World Bryndzové Halušky Cooking and Eating World Championships.


Located near the village of Jelka, not far from Bratislava, it is one of Slovakia’s most modern freshwater fish farms. Trout, carp, sturgeon, char and other fish grown at the ST. PETER FISH FARM eat inspected, high-quality feed and swim in water that can even be drunk. Such care lets you enjoy healthy, delicious fish that offer an excellent flavour.

Fedor Malík & syn, Slovakia, Modra

Delicatessen wines from first-class Modra vineyards are made with a complex expression thanks to reduced yields, hard green work and a sustainable approach without the use of herbicides. They have an authentic and unique taste – after grapes, viniculture and Modra.

Tajna vineyards and winery, Slovakia, Tajná

The family production of the Demeš couple and their father brings to this house-made honest wine the best of the local vineyards. A rich multi-generation viniculture experience is combined in each drop, so you too will fall in love with it at the first sip.

NaVin, Slovakia, Veľký Biel

In the Senec wine region, quality varietal wines with an attribute are made by famous local winemakers. Each drop of NaVin wine combines the heart of a winemaker, the love of tradition and a passion for wine-making. Discover the power of this connection!

Najväčšia vínna pivnica v Pukanci, Slovakia, Pukanec

Tradition is the symbol of many years of experience and lasting values. That´s why wines from the largest cellar in Pukanec, which started to write its history as far back as in 1900, can take pride in it. They combine the work and skills of a vinedresser and the maximum care and heart of a true winemaker. The delicious drink produced at Pukanec will affect your senses directly and intensely, and perhaps that´s why it is labeled by many as a treasure among wines.

Pereg, Slovakia, Modra

Modra’s wine-making history goes back to the 15th century when the first reports of the establishment of the winemakers´ guild and the vineyard office in the Small Carpathian region occurred. It was headed by the wine mayor Pereg. Pereg currently focuses mainly on the production of varietal grape wines. Quality wines are however also made here from the healing fruits of Aronia black chokeberry as well as fruit wine from black currants.

Château Rúbaň, Slovakia

The vineyards surrounding Rúbaň are home to true vineyard treasures. That is why this region is called the region of white wine. Local grapes caressed by the sun’s rays and grown by the loving hands of experienced winemakers add an unrepeatable, unique taste to the wines of Château Rúbaň.

Mrva & Stanko Slovakia, Trnava

This well-known winery was established by two friends: Peter Stanko and Vladimír Mrva in 1997 in order to introduce the Slovak wine to the world as a modern drink, a picture of a dynamic country able to offer it unusually pure in terms of the variety, harmonic in taste, smell and full of fresh youth. Currently, the assortment of Mrva&Stanko contains exclusively quality wines with an attribute, quality varietal wines and branded wines. The vine leaf as a symbol that the vineyard determines the wine is also expressed in the company logo.

Vylyan Winery Hungary, Villány

The winery in the most southern and most well-known wine region of Hungary started to write its history in 1988 in Kisharsány, in the middle of Dobogó vineyards on the Black Hill (Fekete-hegy). This region is considered as the best source of red wines of Hungary. It is interesting that Vylyan cooperates closely with artists who create art out of disposed barrels (exhibited in the winery complex) and with art school students who design labels for the young wine cleverly called Bogyólé (read as: bodyoleh).

Volařík Winery Czech Republic, Mikulov

The sense of good wine is typical of the Mikulov region. In the Volařík family, the true love of wine has been nourished since the WWII. Winery currently administers in an integrated production as many as 90 hectares of their own vineyards in the well-known Mikulov wine sub-region. It focuses on the production of high-quality attributive, especially white wines.

Matyás Cellars

The story of the Mátyás family winery in Nová Vieska began to be written in 2003 and today it encompasses 12 hectares of its own vineyards. The winery has a picturesque cellar with vaulted ceilings to create ideal conditions to “grow” such excellent wine. The cellar is located in Szőlőhegy near Nová Vieska (Kisújfalu), part of the Strekov Wine Subregion. The winery owner only practices organic viniculture and no herbicides and pesticides are ever used in the vineyards.

Winery Nimmervoll /Rakúsko, Wagram/

Gregor Nimmervoll, a winery star being born in Austria, participated in the production of wines under the guidance of grandparents as early as at the age of 14. His wine production is characterised by precise, enthusiastic and grand Burgundy style. The tradition of our ancestors combines in this modern environment with trendy innovations and professional knowledge.