Peter Petráš, Executive Chef, FLAMENDER Restaurant

Peter has worked in gastronomy for more than 20 years. Ever since he graduated from cooking school, he has gained valuable professional experience both in Slovakia and abroad, under the guidance of world-renowned chefs such as Erich Dam in Austria and Antonio Iacovelli in Italy. A marvelous sense of blending the traditional with a modern, uncommon taste for experimenting and putting into everything a pinch of his own gourmet individuality is what characterizes his culinary identity.

„I love the feeling I get whenever I can immerse myself into a maelstrom of new tastes, discovering culinary specialties that give my guests a gastronomic experience!“

says Peter, shedding some light on what he does at FLAMENDER.

„It’s because whenever something is made with love, you’ll feel it in every piece you taste.“

In the kitchen, everything comes together especially in the quality of all the meals prepared and cooked honestly, thinking about the customers who will be enjoying it and using only first-rate fresh ingredients. Peter strongly supports the use of traditional Slovak products bought from local suppliers. Taking advantage of his own experiences, he has established good relationships with the very best at FLAMENDER. Peter believes experience is the best gift that can ever be given and put into practice in his gourmet dishes:

„It’s no empty phrase to say that even though a perfume’s scent disappears over time and a gown loses its luster, but a fantastic experience never fades away. It remains in your memories, and stays in your heart for a long time; and it’s something we say that after a good meal, life becomes more beautiful ☺“